Complicated story?

Basically I was best friends with a guy for 6 years (online) him on the east coast me on the west coast.
Me and my mom met him in his town briefly met his family (2014) then he came here to help us move (2015?). Then 2016 we spent about a week (?) With him and his family and we had a bunch of REALLY bad experiences that had a REALLY bad effect on our friendship/ relationship. Then me and my mom got hit by a 3 ton SUV goong 50+ mph while on bicycles.
Now (2018) he had been cheating for over a month with a girl from work which he won't admit too. We broke up he supposedly JUST starts dating this girl who is threatened by me because I've known him 6 years.
Because of her insecurities he's blocked me on FB and stayed friends with my family.

So to my question.
I just miss him as my best friend how do I make him understand I feel out of love with him and just want things before we dated.
Forget him. Move on
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Try being friends with his girlfriend.
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I don't know.
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Complicated story?
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