Why would you say that?

My ex boyfriend keeps saying to me "we might get back together in the future" I told him not to contact me anymore after he broke up with me but he's pretty adamant that he wants to stay in contact! He says he still loves me. Why will he be saying this? I said to him I think he is only doing it to keep me around but he says it's not, he wouldn't do that to me apparently.


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  • Okay he's basically pulling a cover over your eyes. What it sounds like he's trying to do is keep you around until he wants to date you so whenever he feels like he's all done messing around with other women or playing the field. He wants to keep you around just incase the other girls don't work out so he has a plan b. The exact thing happened to me and one of my exs and I found out he was sleeping around he but said he loved me. I mean all men are different but from experience that's how it ended up with me. I personally wouldn't get back with him because if he really loved you and wanted to be with you you too would still be together and he wouldn't of broke it off.

    • That's what my suspicions were, and I did bring that up with him. I said I feel like you are using me, so you can have me whenever you want me. He said you know I'm not like that.

      I agree that he would be with me now if he wanted to though.

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  • (this is just responding to your comment about what I previously said) Okay so he's basically denying the truth cause if that really was the case, he knows you wouldn't get back with him. Of course he'll deny that he's just keeping you around as a plan b. Get rid of him.

  • He is confused can't make up his mind about what he wants


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