I don't understand him.. we are on a break. (full detail)

we were together for six happy months, and everything seemed perfect. he was going to go to Germany by the end of this year but then one night we were talking about it and he said that he might try to find a job here instead...i felt like I could feel his love somehow..

we went to Singapore one weekend for a mini holiday and everything was still so perfect. while on the last day in Singapore he said that he needed to talk to me.. he said that his ex was in our home country and that he needed to see her for a dinner becuase he needed to talk and seek some closure. he told me that everything would be alright and I had nothing to worry about so I told him it was alright to do so..

it finally came to that night and he left at 7...then came home at 4am..

i fell asleep crying due to being over worried.

the next day he said we had to talk... he then told me that he's not sure whether he is over his ex and that he needs some time to sort out these mixed feelings he feels.

after the first day of the break-up/break he texted me saying how he made a big mistake and he just realized how much he misses me. he then asked to meet up the next day cause he wanted to talk and so I went to see him. he said that he still feels the same for me and doesn't want to see me leave back to my house..

a few times that week he texted me asking me what am I doing, and I miss u...also a recurring I'm sorry for hurting you..

i really missed him so much.

its now a Sunday and I study in a town 2 hours away, so I asked if I could see him before I leave and he said that he wanted to see me too..

he had no money or gas so he couldn't meet me out and asked if it was alright if I came around to his place..

nervously I said yes and did so..

while being with him he tried to tickle me and always tried to make me smile..

after awhile he turned on a funny movie and we both watched it on the bed quietly..

after the movie I had to go home.

i walked to the couch to get my bag and as soon as I turned around our faces were about an inch away from each others..i was in shock

i froze..and we just looked into each others eyes for a few seconds..i then fell into a hug and started to cry.. I told him I missed him so much and he said he does too..

i am always so insecure so I told him it didn't seem like it but he still said he does..

then he said that he still felt the same and we're going to be fine.. but in my head I was thinking what does he mean by we're going to be fine?

i was so confused..

it is now Tuesday and we havnt spoken much exept always exchanged an I miss you by text before bed and goodnight sweet dreams.

his ex is leaving on Thursday morning and the quietness is getting to me..

im so scared that he won't come back to me after all the waiting I did..

im so scared that after all the waiting ill just end up even more crushed and heartbroken than I currently am..

i need some opinions...i don't know what to think or do anymore... ;(


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