Why does my ex keep contacting me when he broke up with me and I have asked him not to?

My ex and I dated for 5 years. He is from Korea and I am from Canada, so we went back and forth and went through some times of quite a few months apart. He really loved me and kept asking when we would get married. I loved him so much but wanted to wait because I was still finishing grad school and started a new job. My job was in a very isolated community, where I didn't know anyone. During one of our long times apart I started to become bullied and harassed by an older man to date him, he was the only friend I had, had many problems that I would feel sorry for, including loosing his son and he began to mentally manipulate me. I then cheated on my boyfriend. My boyfriend found out and I told him the truth and that I regretted it so much and it would never happen again and that this man is someone I could never be with, 16 years older and not attractive. He broke up with me anyway. I quit my job and have spent the last 8 months trying to tell and show him how sorry I am. The old guy stalked me and I had to charge him which didn't make things any easier. My ex still talks to me all the time, and asks to have internet and phone sex. two months ago he told me he was seeing someone when I asked. I then went to see him to say goodbye and see if him seeing me would change his mind. We saw each other and it was nice. I thought that was it and then he called me saying he was confused and he wanted to sleep with me before I left but that he would feel too guilty with this girl, so we just had phone sex. Now that I am home he contacts me all the time. I have asked on 3 occasions now for him to stop because I can't get over him that way. but he keeps calling and asking for internet sex! I recently found out that a mutual friend of ours visit him too and he never even told me. The friend told me thinking we don't talk anymore, so they obviously didn't talk about me while he was there. Why is he hiding it from his friends here/ Why did he not tell me? Why does he keep contacting me in this way? How can he really be serious with this girl? is he just confused about me or is he trying to hurt me subconsciously. He knows I want to be with him, but I do not initiate any contact and give him space.


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  • It seems that he just want to reconnect the friendship.


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