Boyfriend is moving away?

So I have been exclusively seeing this guy for over a year now but he was only up here for school. He was also only seeing me during this past year. But he moved 12 hrs away back home and I asked him what he expects from me? Like should I move on or hope something more will happen between us. He has to come up her once a month for military training but he probably will transfer back to his unit closer to home in 3-5 months. He says he wants to move back up here but he's the catch he has a son and wants to move his son with him. So when I asked what I should expect he said "i don't want you to miss an opportunity with another guy because you are waiting for me, but if anything is to happen between us at least we'll know it will be worth it" so what does that mean? should I wait for hi or move on.


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  • that's an open-ended relationship door response...see other people to make friends as insurance in the event that things don't work out between you two because of LDR

    if you plan on waiting, then you should have the LDR heart-to-heart talk to figure where things stand and what's next...either you go back to friends, end-it, or move to the next level

    • Thank you for your response! After the first few days of him being home I realize that I should just live my life and if something happens I'll take it and run with it. But now we are back to our usual routine him calling and texting me all the time again, but if he ever wanted to be with me and I started a new relationship with someone I without a doubt would probably pick him if it didn't have to be a LDR, we just had the best bond that both of us ever experienced. Thank you again! :)

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