Guys, would this hurt you more then her just leaving you?

Say you had a girlfriend of 1year+ and one night you made a horrible mistake and cheated on her. The next day you felt bad and told her. After she thought about it for a few days she simply said to you somthing along the lines of your dead to me I have no respect for you anymore now were just f*** buddies/FWB. HOw would you react to this? (remember you have been with her a long time so you love and care or her) She says you can call her for sex but that's it


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  • Something like this happened to me with my girlfriend and I would say it definitely depends on the guy and how much he cares as well as if he really believes that you do or not, anyway mine never yelled at me even got too angry, she just got super sad and said that we could not be together anymore although we ended up going back out her reaction made me realize how much she actually cared and simply put I've done allot of things I have felt guilty for but nothing compared to the feeling I got after that. However if your only goal here is to try to hurt him back then you care more about your own feelings and trying to get revenge than you ever did about him and he might know this depending on your relationship and not care, if it was obvious to him that you did before it might be part of the reason for his bad decision or a way he helped justify it in the first place. Either way it is sad that after a year your concern here is how to hurt him back the most instead of the best way to deal with the situation.

    • It didn't actually happen, I was just thinking what I would do if it did. It not like I would want to hurt him its just that I know I couldn't be nothing at all with him but I wouldn't want him to feel like what he did was OK, but thanks for the answer :)

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  • I have never cheated so I kind of have to speculate a bit... I suppose it would be along the lines of

    Mission accomplished (no offense)

  • if he's dead to you, why would you have sex with him?

  • Hahaha that is like every guy's dream come true. He cheats with another girl and still gets to keep having sex with you when he wants and doesn't have to deal with the other relationship BS. Sounds like a win-win situation.


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