Ditching game... whats the point?

I met someone and he has been calling and doing all the right stuff to show his interest in me. However, whenever we decide to meet he will make the plan with me and tell me that I will confirm with you and then he just doesn't call or text me. Then two days later he will call me and say sorry I was busy and totally forgot why didn't you call me to confirm the plans. He did that twice. I gave him second chance just incase he was really busy. But now I am not interested in him but I jst want to knw why do guys do that? If they don't want to chill with you then come right out and say it and back off... why play this game?


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  • I have no idea. I think it's a terrible game to play. I get the vibe that he thinks he's teasing you or something when that's actually not the case. Or it could be just plain insecurity. It's a crippling disease.

    • weird I knw... but now its turning me off and I don't even call or text him and he knws it. don't get oh well I guess somethings are and will b unexplained... :/

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