After a 3 year relationship and 9 months apart why can't we leave each other alone?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years and have been broken up for about 9 months. No matter how much we say we are done with each other we continue to end up talking and sleeping together every now and then. If he really doesn't want to be with me why doesn't he just leave me alone completely?


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  • To answer your question I would say that by what your saying if you talk and every now and then sleep with each other then there's still attraction in your relationship. But if this goes on until the point where it's just this then it's possible that your ex just wants your body and not you. Maybe try to talk a little more and see where it goes. In the end he could still love you and just wants to show that and that love between you two hasn't really left. Give it time and really go with what you feel is right.



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  • I hate to say it his way but I keep it 100 % honest always. He is using you until something beteerf or him comes along! Don't play yourelf.

  • He doesn't want to be with you...But he does want to have sex with you..thats all nothing more...I've been there done that...YOU have to take the lead and leave him alone, if that's what you really want. He will ultimately leave you alone when he finds someone else.


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