Does it mean something if he hasn't texted me back?

okay well my boyfriend adn I got into a fight on Friday because I was late to a date and I told him I was gong to be late. and now he's been telling me that he's really busy. and he hasn't texted me back 1 time I didn't text him yesterday not even 1x and I did today and not 1txt from him. did I do something?


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What Guys Said 1

  • it sounds like he is being really immature and stupid. if you told him you were late he should have been understanding. it sounds like he is mad, but he has no reason to be.

    He just needs to grow up..

    good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • So I text this guy a lot (all the time!) just wait don't keep texting him or anything it really pisses them off (trust me I know he gets mad a lot) so he tells me that he doesn't like when I text him over and over waiting for a response so just wait a few days and he will come text you just don't get on his nerves guys are like that a lot! And NO you did not do anything wrong like I said guys just get pissed off easily! you are fine...

    I hope things work out for you two!


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