He broke up with me because he needs to find himself, what should I do?

We had been together for 8 months.

We are both 23 years old and we just graduated college. He broke up with me after my flight landed in his hometown, (not mine).. he told me crying that he feels he is becoming toxic in the relationship and that he doesn't know who he is and he needs to grow. And that I should do the same.

--- we had some fights in the past but it was talked over and forgiven, or so I thought.
(he still has the past following him around. And he brought it up several times.
there was no cheating. it was plain jealousy after some bad decisions from my part at the beginning of the relationship (I saw my ex and he made me cry, and he didn't like I still got along with one of my best friends because we had kissed before but I stopped contact with him) this was 7 months ago
I made it clear he was my priority and I really felt he understood that. )

we cried and I was stunned, he told me that If we are meant to be things will fall in place. he told me he would always love me and that he was sorry but he needed to do this.
He told me the night before he couldn't wait to see me and that he loved me and missed me.
Several times we both agreed we were soul mates. Im having a hard time describing our connection because it really is special.

I was not expecting it, and I am heartbroken. it has been 6 days and he still hasn't texted me.

I'm giving him space, he is coming back from his hometown tomorrow. He has been at this home for the week since he broke up with me.
I feel blindsided and hurt but also really confused.

I really don't know what to do. I don't want to lose him, but I also know that I need to give him some space.

could it be an existential crisis due to sudden change? He really is a very pensant person, he analyses everything, he's really sentimental and philosophical.

what should I do, I want him back.
He broke up with me because he needs to find himself, what should I do?
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