Top 5 things you should never say to your girlfriend?

hahaha I'm just asking cause I've said some pretty bad things

ill give 1 example "damn are you pregnant cause you've gained a few"

now lets hear some of yours XD,if you have more then 5 then feel free to post more


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  • 1. You don't want to tell her how much more love you gave your ex, and how much you love your ex better than her. You definetely just want to say, yeah I had an ex and it didn't work out. Don't go into details, don't lie about it that it ended good when it ended bad etc. Girls are not stupid, they can some times tell you are lying to look good.

    2. Don't call her mom a whore.

    3. Don't call her names, especially when you're just hot tempered and/or drunk

    4. Don't brag about how many others you have had sex with, or how much a player you are... some girls won't feel like they are being lucky instead they will feel like they are being with a man whore and think you are untrustworthy and would probably cheat on her

    5. if you say she can buy whatever she wants, and she goes to the store with you and you pick everything out for her (all the candles, all the picture frames, as if she didn't know how to buy anything)... and then later said you'll do anything for her but you don't... she'll think you're a liar...

    man I just hate liars

    so I guess to sum it up

    1. don't lie

    2. don't brag

    3. don't get angry to easily

    4. listen and respect her wishes

    5. stop the name callings please!


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  • WOW...please tell me that was an example and that wasn't one of the things you said to one of your girlfriends! Bad things are anything that fits into the following categories:

    1) Disrespectful

    2) Mean

    3) Hurtful

    4) Vindictive

    5) Demeaning

    And really, this goes for ANYONE, guy or girl in relationships...we should all be a little nicer to each other, lol!

  • 1. I wish you looked like ________.

    2. Damn, That girl is hott.

    3. Give me dome.

    Top three reasons I have broke off relationships.

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    • that last sentence turned me on

  • 1. Dang girl, those jeans make your ass look huge

    2. Wow, you're being a witch, are you on your period?

    3. I'd be her baby daddy anyday (combined with elevator eyes)

    4. How come you don't dress sexy like your friend ___?

    5. Baby, I didn't sleep with her. I just wish I did.

  • dont take your hatred of your vagina out on me just because I have a penis

    a guy said this to me once and as angry as I was I cracked up laughing

    • lmao XD I woudnt probably say say something more like

      just because your jelous that I can pee standing up doesn't mean you should take your hatred out on me or something like that ^-^

  • 1) You remind me of my mom (or ex girlfriend).

    2) You wouldn't understand, this a guys only convo

    3) You talk too much

    4) You look better blonde

    5) Your friends are so stupid

    6) If you really loved me (insert stupid sh*t here lol)

    7) Why do you love me? You can do so much better. (GET SOME DAMN CONFIDENCE, ugh)

    8) Don't get all emotional on me

    9) I don't understand why it bothers you.

    10)thats dumb.

    • wow really #1?

      and #2?

      and #3?



      crap I do all of those lmao XD

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    • makes sense I'm 16

    • Well, take advantage of this advice then :P Be every girls dream boy and steer clear from looking like a bigot lol.

What Guys Said 1

  • 1. Your almost as beautiful as this girl I know.

    2. Do not use any metaphors with dogs.

    3. Sex with you is like sex with a bucket.

    4. So when is your hot girl friend coming over?

    5. So when is your hot guy friend coming over?


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