I like this girl, but she is still hung up on her ex?

I added this girl on facebook because she is a mutual friend with a good majority of my H.S. friends. And she is cute, of course. We started talking pretty slow in the beginning and then about a month and a half ago realized a bunch of things we have in common. By this point I am really attracted. And to make things better, she lives in the same Apt complex as me believe it or not! We have met each other a few times after midnight just to chill and talk and even get somethin to eat. Within all that she talks about her ex pretty often how she can't shake him after he dumped her. They still talk and hang out, By what she has told me about him, he is a loser and pretty much using her a several aspects. Dude is a douche to say the least. I give her encouraging words and wisdom to move on and that nobody should have to deal with that kind of treatment. But I don't know what it is. Our source of communication is txting, we do that regularly, sometimes hours on end. I have told her that I have feelings for her and I would like to take her out on a nice date. She pretty much said that its very sweet of me to say but she isn't ready for anything because of her ex and stuff. So should continue to pursue little by little or just completely back off and just be friends with her? Also, she has told me that I am different and that some of the things that I said and done for her really mean a lot.


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  • I think that definitely, her words are straight up - she's just not ready yet. The cool thing is that you're just as willing to completely back off and just be her friend if that's the right thing to do...and that shows you truly respect her.

    Bottom line here is, I would suggest you back off FOR RIGHT NOW. Be her friend. Give her more time...but keep being the wonderful guy you've been to her. Her feelings for you will continue to grow and it'll help her get away from the hurt she's healing up from. When she gets to the point where she's no longer mentioning him, that's when you can ask her out again.

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read it. I know it was a bit. I appreciate your advice. Another thing though, there are times where she is tipsy when I hang with her, I don't really like it lol but she says things I'm not really sure if she means. Like I did a favor for her and she said that she would pay me back some how and she said "you wanna kiss?...no nevermind" I said "no I'm fine, I don't think you are aware of what you are saying lol" What should I do with anything like that?

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  • Wish I could help man I'm in the same position with a girl it sucks bad, anyone with advice please respond.

    • My heart feels ya bro...as gay as that sounds lol

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