Why did she do this?

Ok so I split with my girlfriend a month ago. She moved to college and we tried a LDR but it didn't work out.

She told me she was too busy with starting a new semester and moving into a new flat and didn't want the pressure of a LDR.

Now I find she is seeing another guy. It was an old friend who has always liked her. She told me when we were dating that she never saw him as more than a friend yet now she is seeing him. I don't understand why she has so suddenly changed her mind? And how she was too busy for me yet not for him?

I'm so confused and angry. I want to confront her but know this will just make me look bad but I'm really struggling to accept this and move on.

I liked her a lot and I know she felt the same. I can almost accept the LDR not working but the fact she has gone to this guy so soon has left me feeling betrayed. Any advice as to what I should do next?


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  • Likely is that she just wanted somebody who could fill the hole left behind by leaving you. People like to be needed and wanted, if it was an older friend of hers it may just be out of convenience, a re-bound until she can find something that fits better. I would recommend against any confrontation about her choice, it would do more damage than good. The feelings of betrayal are normal, but would any good come from a confrontation? More likely it would dissolve into a shouting match with heated words that would both of you feeling worse. Go out and start the dating game again, this will help you get over your feelings of loss and lead to some new joys!


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