How come I don't feel sad despite getting cheated on?

So I met this guy in late February. We talked everyday since than. I asked him about a relationship and he was like "I don't know if I can give you the time you want because I travel a lot." Anyways sometime after that we got into a fight and he called me to discuss it and he said "why do you compare our relationship to others?" Than when he was driving around he randomly started calling me his girlfriend. After awhile we went on a date and than when i left his car we both said "I love you". He always told me I love you and how I am his everything... And than I asked him if we are official? and he said no duh, been that way. I always found the way he acted was kind of strange. I always blew up on him and accused him of cheating (at least 5 times)... he would ALWAYS reassure me saying otherwise and how i meant too much to him for him to ever lose me. I remember another time I was upset with him and he ubered all the way to my campus and took me out for desert and he said "If i didn't love you I wouldn't do this. So today I was snooping around his instagram and came across this girl who posted a gift from him with a <3. Instead of just going to him I hit her up and she told me they were in a relationship for 6 months and how it was long distance but they always drove to see each other... Anyways we compared our relationships and they were identical. The most I did was talk to other guys behind his back but never physically cheated.
Despite all this I legit feel nothing. I don't feel sadness or hurt. I didn't even cry. Meanwhile, the other girl is a huge wreck.
Why do I not give a single f*ck and being super chill?
How come I don't feel sad despite getting cheated on?
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