Anyone playing black ops?

The level in which your in vietnam? Well I'm stuck there because a tank falls in front of me and there is no way to get around it or anything? I can't figure out how to crawl under it? Can someone help me?

By the way I have a 360


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  • you have to crawl under the tank, hold B down to crawl.

    • LOL I finally got it yesterday:) I passed two missions yesterday oh yes! Ahhh:)

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  • My boyfriend -.- lol

    • LUL well I'm a girl gamer its just that things are so much different then the other call of duty games probably because infinaty ward didn't make it but its still f***ing badass:)

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    • That's sweet, I bet he really likes that.

    • Lul actually he does whoever wins has to give the other person anything they want(; usually its sexually

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