Could a hook up that happend drunk turn into a relationship?

Alright so my friend and I have a group of guy friends we constantly hang out with. There is one that has always showed some interest towards me just always making sure I have water a blanket I don't know just things a drunk person needs and always seems to be watching out for me. One night just recently we hooked up it wasn't awkward the next day totally normal and cool and we all hung out. I text him and told him I think we should hang out sometime and he said that that sounds good to him. Text me that following weekend I was busy. The following weekend he text me we made plans to all go out the next night and the whole night he was glancing at me just aiming attention at me I would say. Then we were all dancing at the bar and he grabbed my hands and pulled me into him we danced bla bla till bar close whatev, then our group of friends and us walked back to the house and we ended up hooking up again both very much more sober that the first time. afterward he kissed me multiple times, cuddled me we then made hot chocolate at five in the morn then in the morning he cuddled me and grabbed my hand at one point and then when we both woke up we just carried on a conversation just about different things for a good hour and then his roomates came in the room and we all got up and just chillled watched the football game and then I left. So he id my friend but I have always had a bit of a crush on him and I guess I'm wondering if I'm just a hook up to him or if he actually likes me or cares. I'm not the kinda girl that drunk hooks up ever and so doing that to me it means something but I just honestly have NO IDEA what is going through his head. I'm a really chill laid back girl and I don't wanna do the whole creepy text do you like me bullsh*t. I wanna take it slow and not rush is minus the physical part that obviously already happend so could I please get some input on this situation becuase I actually have feelings for this guy which rarely happens.


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  • what's so creepy about asking someone how they feel

    • i guess nothing I just don't want to seem pushy or I guess obbsessive I don't know how to describe it :-/

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  • It does seems as if he has interest. Usually people don't want to spend quality time with their hook up they just want to "hook up". Maybe you should ask him what he is looking for at the moment.


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