Why is ex husband angry?

Long story short after 24 years of dealing with his cheating and lying I finally divorced him. He’s had a hell of a struggle because I left him broke, no car and he hates his crap job. I took my “perks” my retirement and the kids he got nothing. I understand he’s mad. But I remind him he chose this.
Things didn’t work out with the other woman and she is trying to hold on to her marriage. He’s mad because I made their relationship public and I told her hubby everything. He knows I hate him right now but what I don’t get is if he had the conversation with her that it could come to this and he STILL chose to cheat with her why is he so angry? He knew this would happen so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But he’s mad at ME and ignores my texts even when it comes to the kids.
I remind him when he gives me attitude HE CHOSE THIS. I find it almost comical he’s upset things turned out EXACTLY as I told him if he continued to cheat. So why is he so pissed at me? He should be pissed at himself and trying to fix his life not trying to figure out ways to sneak around with her.
1 y
I should add that he was using my address and taking mail from my box. I added a lock to stop him from doing that.
He also managed to steal a key to my house and had been coming in while me and the kids were asleep and stealing money from my wallet. I changed the locks and told him to stop or I will have him arrested. I’m still under his phone contract but I found out he looks to see what numbers are calling me and who I’m calling.
Why is ex husband angry?
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