Why did my ex get mad at me for not wanting him to reach out?

Long story short, my ex had been cheating on me while we were dating. He was sexting another behind my back (pictures and messages), and he tried to blame it on him being miserable. I was also miserable at times with him, but, I didn’t choose to cheat because it’s not who I am. It isn’t an excuse. Anyways. It’s been 4 months. He recently messaged me asking about my life. I told him that I’m happy, and I’m currently dating someone else and my relationship is going really well (the thing about my new relationship is i don’t feel insecure/jealous like I did in my last, bc my ex always gave me reasons to feel that way).

Anyways. I told him to not message me again. I told him it’s great he cares, but, he didn’t care when he dated me and cheated, so i don’t need him asking how i am. I told him how it hurts me when he asks to me, and to just let me move on in peace.

My ex got upset and replied with “i try and be a decent person and this is what i get. I see now”
Then he added “you make it seem like I killed a man, or committed a horrible crime, or like I raped you! All i did was make the mistake of sending messages to another girl when I was mad or sad. You weren’t an angel either!”

It angers me he said that and tried to downplay what he really did! It makes me feel like crap now.

I don’t feel I’m overreacting by being upset he sexted another girl for several months and then messaged tons of other girls flirting with them!
Why did my ex get mad at me for not wanting him to reach out?
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