I'm confused about my ex, any help?

I'll try and make this as short as possible. We were in a relationship for just under a year. I truly loved him and still do, and he loved me. He broke up with me because we fought a lot. Were only young and it was too much stress. We were like a storm, unpredictable, crazy and completely passionate.

We agreed to be friends and he was there for me and we talked. I realized it was my fault we broke up and I had issues to sort out.

However, 3 weeks later and he's seeing someone else. She looks a lot like me. He called me to tell me and I lost it as it had only been 3 weeks. I stormed round to get my remaining stuff, told him he never cared, and in turn he threw my things down the stairs.

I was devastated. It hurt and still does so much. I'm miserable. I'd skipped a period and so called him to warn him. (luckily I started)

Now here's where it gets strange. He yelled at me and he swore, told me he had no respect for me and I told him I didn't believe him - that he was a liar and I care for him. That's when he said it. He broke down and cried and sobbed, 'then why the f*** isn't it you with me then, why isn't it you and not her? I tried so hard, so hard' he then said he wanted us to hate each other to make the good feelings go away, he wanted it to be easy. I told him I'd do it differently this time and he said, through tears, that he couldn't wait for me. He said he still gets a pull towards me when he sees me and he wants that to go away. He said he can't risk us hurting each other again. He said this is out last phone conversation because he can't feel close to me as it hurts. He told me to keep in contact though. That he cares. Then he said how his new girl is too tall and she can't kiss. He said she's not as pretty as me. He said he got with her because the situation came up and he thought she was really cool and awesome. I then said we should hang up but he stayed there, listening to me breathe. It was me who hung up first. In the morning I text him to wish him all the best and good luck. As I had nothing to lose, I said I would've risked it all. His reply was this, 'ok, well, let's leave it there... For now x' oh, we seem to be going to the cinema at the same bloody time this Friday and he said to me not to say hi, he couldn't bare that. He said just don't, please.

Sorry it was long. I'm so confused! Does he still have feelings for me? Is it likely she's a rebound? Does he, deep down, love me still? I'd appreciate honest and kid advice.

P.s my ex, in general, has been genuinely nice about it all. Thanks x


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  • Well this is a familiar one to my break- up. Me and my ex got weaker and weaker by the arguments, just over silly things. He then a month later got with a women with 4 kids (non of his) that he had denied he even found Attractive, from that day he was bitter and very nasty towered me, he was bulchy in texts and wen we bumped into one another he used to stay silent and not even look at me!? Like your ex my ex turned bad too and till this day I still believe he still loves me and misses what we had like your ex partner does you- it's clear with what your saying that he still loves you, but if you are out of sight - you are out of mind. This however makes it easy for the guys to pass over it everyday. But I can bet your bottom dollar they think about us each morning when they wake and each night before they sleep!

    You just need to move on and leave him to it. If it's meant to be it will be :-)

    • Thanks :) Yeah, it's very strange.

      I'm the risky option and he's not that sort of guy. Even though I'm furious he's already with a new girl, I hope he doesn't hey like he did me.

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