He told me it wasn't worth it then texted me?

I dated a guy for only about a month, but we were constantly together, and it was perfect. I'm pretty innocent, and he has a pretty crazy family and unstable life. We ended things on good terms, but he started acting weird and it just got to the point where I was done. He texted me about a week later, and we caught up on life and whatever. He works at my old job, so my old manager told him some things I'd supposedly said about him because she's in everything for drama. He asked me if I did, and I said no blahblahblah, he told me it wasn't worth it and asked me why I couldn't be honest with him...even though I was being 100% honest. After that we didn't talk for a week until yesterday when he texted me to ask me how I was and whatever...just acting like everything was fine. Then I asked him how he was and he didn't text me back. Does he actually care or is it because he knows I would be there for him if it came down to it? Orrrr maybe he's just crazy haha.


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  • i think he's trying to figure out his life and find some way to let you back into his life


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