Im about to let this girl go, am I being to harsh ?

Im usually pretty good when it comes to dealing with girls, but this one is as confusing as hell.

Basically I started talking to a girl a few months ago we met up a few times and it went great. Got along nicely and we where talking like everyday always asking each when we where gonna see each other etc.

Now I purposely held back with this girl because I knew she was at uni and things would become difficult. So the week before she was going to uni I said to her let me know when your free this week and we'll go out she's like great great. So all that week she went quiet and I didn't hear anything from her.

So I thought okay deleted her number and removed her from my facebook...Im not really the type into playing games, chasing. She didn’t speak to me for a week which was the first time since we’d known each other, which says she knew what she was doing.

A week or so later she asks me why I deleted her off facebook and she was txting me for about 3 weeks. To which I never responded to any of. About 2 weeks later I crack, we talk and I tell her why I fell out with her. She apologies over and over again and says she honestly cannot remember about me proposing to meet before uni.

Anyway we become friends again we're talking and we're txting regularly having a laugh like old times. On a Friday me and my friend where meant to come down to see her and her friend (at uni). Maybe 3/4 days before the event while I was talking about coming to see her she bails out saying she going out with her girls she never realized it was Halloween (as we arranged it about 3 weeks before). I said its fine we'll re-arrange for another time, she said never happened

Now its been maybe 2/3 months since we meet up last properly. Yet she's still constantly talking to me and if she doesn’t hear from me in a few days she immediately suspects somethings wrong. Now this girl is at a university which isn't too far from where I live and she comes back home on a few weekends and her home is very close to me. My main problem is she never even points to saying we should meet up or even bring it up. Her friends are ALWAYS going down to see her and she comes back home she never mentions anything.

Now I'm not looking for a relationship and neither is she, and if she completely stopped talking to me then it would make sense and I would cease to stop talking to her also. But she hasn’t stopped talking to me or anything. End of the day I’m not here to be this girls pen pal, but if she hasn’t got time for me she should just say. If she's found another dude she's falling her or doesn’t like me in that way she should say. My problem is I can’t bring this upto her AGAIN as I'm going to look like abit of a bitch

“ you never see me anymore”..” you never make time for me “ it would be like the same reasons as to why I got rid of her the first time. Furthermore I'm not going to ask this girl out or to meet up as she's bailed on me twice already and a third time ..euurgh


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  • Sorry but I don't think that she is interested in you.Obviously she enjoys talking to you as a friend but umm I can't discern anything more than that according to what you mentioned.

    Btw Deathnote pwns, L is my favorite : )!

    • Think this is pretty much confirmed, thanks for your answer :)

      And deahnote is awesome :D

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  • Try and be specific about the day and time you want to meet up. Then there is less of a chance that she will bail out.

    Instead of saying "when you free" or "if you have time", try asking on Wednesday night "Want to go to a movie Sunday night at 6pm?

  • Honestly it sounds like she's not really interested in you. Sounds like you were overreacting about her first week of uni which could have been part of the reason she's no longer interested. Going to college is a lot and the first week is crazy busy she probably didn't have the time to talk. She probably does enjoy having you to talk to as a friend but I think it's time you start looking for someone new.

    • Tbh I think I never explained that part to great, the week you mentioned was the week before she first moved away and started uni, not the first week she actually started uni. So it was more like see seeing her before she moved away. But I do agree with your sentiments

    • I got ya. It also sounds like she didn't want to go to college with a relationship.

  • yeah I say find someone else like they say people don't know what they got till they see it lost it

    this happen to me it was like you where telling one of my experiences I dint realize how much I liked this guy till he stopped paying any attention to me I realized how much he liked me and how much I liked him but it was to late. Or if you want to give it a try don't give any attention to her anymore and see how she reacts she might come running in to your arms or you will really know if she cares for you enough to look for you

    like they say if you love something let it free and if it comes back its been your all this time along =D

  • Well, I know I shouldn't even ask but, have you met her? or even know what she looks like? because if not, she might just be shy or afraid of meeting you because she thinks you won't like her, but she still doesn't want to loose you enough to give up. I think you should talk to her about it, or just let it go. It won't be too harsh because I mean.. you tried.

    • lol yeah I did say we met up quite a lot before she moved to uni, I said a few but it was like 10 times I thinkg

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  • you're not being too harsh, I would tell her straight up, "if we're not gonna hang out, I don't see the point in talking to you anymore" and see what she says. f*** the bullsh*t.

    • lmao this is what I'm thinking and what I'd normally do, infact unless someone came in with a really insightful answer which hasn't already crossed my mind its what I will do

    • you should. flakes just make you angrier and angrier as they keep flaking out. so yeah its better to just end it now.

  • Sadly a lot of women like to keep men hanging on, without giving a straight answer either way.. it's f***ed up, and it ain't easy but find someone else.

    • Thanks, its not really got that deep yet where its gonna hurt me to let go, its that I cut people out of my life fairly quickly and ruthlessly. Been told by a lot of people I'm way too harsh, so I was getting the advice of people outside the situation to see if they agree with that or not. I suppose the worst thing that can happen is when I tell her there's not point us talking anymore she's like I wanna meet up and then it'll be more like she's meeting me out of guilt or some sense of she has too

    • Thanks anyway

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