How to show ex I am no longer the clingy boyfriend she dumped?

Hi everyone. After lot of denial, I have to finally admit I am the reason my exgirlfriend decided to call it quits. If she didn't reply right away, I would double [even triple] message followed by a phone call. Even though I knew she was busy or knew exactly what she was doing. I wanted to hang out everyday, and always wanted her to stay the night. If she didn't or said no, I got upset and even somedays threw a childish fit. When we were together, I would ask for reassurance constantly: "Are we okay?" "Do you still love me?" "Are you mad at me?". At first, she thought the behavior was cute, but over time it became too much. Too much to the point where she is gone, and I don't know if it is possible to win her back. What do people have for advice regarding relationship anxiety and clingy issues? Perhaps even ways to prove to my ex I am capable of change in attempt to even win her back, or at least bring her back into my life in some capacity. I like 80s rock music, and my dad sent me the chorus to the.38 Special song Hold On Loosely: "Hold on loosely, but don't let go. If you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control. Your baby needs someone to believe in, and a whole lot of space to breathe in." The lyrics click instantly. I know how I SHOULD act with my ex, but easier said then done... Do I give her few days space for a while, and then try reaching out to her? I know a lot of guides and whatnot say 30+ days no contact, but we have already been broken up over a month. Any more no contact and she will for sure move on... thanks everyone, and please be polite in the replies.
How to show ex I am no longer the clingy boyfriend she dumped?
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