Break up because of work?

So my girlfriend broke up with me, i am pretty devestated. She said she have feelings for me and like me but dont want to hold me back. She works a lot (6 days a week) in a new job with a lot of stress. She thinks breaking up is the right thing to do but she doesn't really want to but she feels guilty for not spending time with me.
I really care and love this girl and i dont really mind that we dont get too much time together. I prefere quality over quantity time, and i miss her a lot.
I really want to get her back, is it valid cause for breaking up, what should i do? Help
1 y
Oh and detail, she is even offering to pay for all the dates we have been on. I dont know why, and i am not accepting the money, we are also talking quite the amount to. Me saying no to it says something
Break up because of work?
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