Why does it bother me that my cheating ex is on tinder?

we broke up 4 months ago when I found out he was cheating. During the whole 1.5 years we were together, I wasn’t really happy with him. He was always doing shady things online and that made me feel really insecure/jealous.

Anyways. I didn’t know he was on tinder, I found out because he had “super-liked” my friend and she told me. I wasn’t jealous that he “super-liked” her, because I know why he did it. Anyways, I stupidly checked his social media and he is following a lot of girls from the area (who I assume are from tinder). I have been dating someone else for a month now, and he makes me so happy and is a great guy. But, now I just feel really jealous and annoyed. I’m afraid my ex won’t cheat on those other girls like he did me, or he won’t do shady things online anymore to make them feel insecure.

But, I also know people don’t change in 4 months, and he still won’t be someone who gives verbal affection/physical affection.

I’m not sure why this bothers me. How can I stop caring if he cheats on them or not?
Why does it bother me that my cheating ex is on tinder?
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