An easy let down? Guys, help me with this one please?!

My ex and I broke up because he away at college in TX and the distance put a strain on the relationship. He told me "it's not fair" to me and that he wants me to be with someone that can spend time with me and what not. He was supposedly super busy and we would go DAYS without talking and it really hurt me. I'd get a little jealous of his friends getting to see him everyday , especially his female friends. Would you tell your girlfriend that because you meant that or is it an easy way out? Like an easy let down?


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  • You know him the best - so without the benefit of the doubt, what do you think? There are guys that will do anything to make sure the girl they like is as happy as possible (me and a few of my friends) - but then there are the players. This is more of your judgement then anything, we have no idea on his personality, his ethics, how he looks, the special things he has done for you - if you are really worried, try to talk to one of his guy friends (if he has any down there that you know) and ask them what's up. In my opinion (Note: all I have is an opinion with no support, so don't put that much water in it) I would say he is probably trying a soft let down just because if I had a girlfriend I would talk to her everyday unless I knew she was going to be busy with something - and even then I would try to see how it was going and if I could help in any way. If you want to provide more info I can help more, otherwise good luck to you!

    • When we were together, it eventually got hard to even get to hear from him and he made himself less and less available to me and man that hurt a lot because I always tell people that if a guy really wants to talk to you then he'd make time to do that so when it got to the point where we weren't talking for weeks at a time it got to be too much and I had to initiate the breakup. I think he wanted to make things easy for himself and me by making me feel like it was his fault, some sort of psycholg

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    • In a way, I eel stupid for believing what he said, and I feel a little used after that relationship. I'm happy we never got any further into that relationship. Thanks for everything :D

    • No problem!

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  • This sounds like a way out. He doesn't know how to break it off with you. If he was in love with you he would find a way to call at least once a day. It sounds to me like he is interested in someone else. Any guy who can let his girl be with someone else is not at all interested in her any longer.

    It might hurt, but I say cut him loose... there are other fish in the sea. The love of your life would never treat you like this. How you know if you really love some one is by answering yes to these questions:

    1. Would I do anything for him/her

    2. Would I be willing give up everything for him/her

    3. Would I be willing to go through anything for him/her

    ... No strings attached.

    If he can't do this for you, then you need to find the right guy for the right girl... He ain't it!

    • Thanks so much for that. Hard to swallow because it's so hard to drop feelings so soon but you're right.

    • I think that you will be happier without him. Mr. Right is out there. You are worth it!

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