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My best friend was on my ex boyfriend's facebook page. I tell her not to read me anything from his page but she said I should probably know. My ex boyfriend is an excellent piano player. We would sit at the piano for hours and he would teach me and he would play. At my friends high school graduation, we got separated I had my friends to go with, he with his and I later went to find him and he was with my best friend at the moment making out and excessively hugging. That's how we broke up. But it wasn't physically said or explained. But on his facebook page she showed me that he was writing a song for her from scratch. It deeply hurts me that he's like do I deal with this...please help me..


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  • How he hurt you is one of the worst things a guy can ever do to a girl. And from what I read, he has emotionally scarred you. I hate to say this, but there's no specific way you can deal with this. You just have to keep moving forward. He's a thing of your past and you have GREAT memories to look back on. So instead of trying to find a way to deal with him composing a song for some broad, just focus on yourself.

    If he is your friend on Facebook, delete him. You're obviously not over him. And tell your friend that you don't want to know anything about what or how he's doing. I definitely wouldn't want to know anything, either.

    And no, your friend was wrong and you were right. It was best for you not to know anything going on in his life at the moment and right of you for not wanting to know. That's usually a first step to getting over someone. But now, she's stalled that process and is making you overly think and analyze a situation that doesn't involve you.

    You're young. Hell, half of the people on this website are young. And we all have many many more chances with other people who will make us happy.

    So chin up :)


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  • he's a prick and so is your "best friend". why would anyone rub it in their best friends' faces that their ex is doing romantic things for them? this girl doesn't show any concern towards your feelings which is why you should ditch both her and the douchebag.


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  • Umm, firstly why the HELL are you still friends with someone who back stabbed you like that? Secondly, why are you even sitting there allowing her to rub it in your face like that? You should ignore her, stop being her friend and find someone else to hang out with because that girl does not deserve a friend like you at all after what she did. Don't be a doormat and let people walk all over you, stick up for yourself, she betrayed your friendship, show her what the consequences of that are.

    • Im not her friend. its a different person...

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    • I know the feeling. Hmm, well I could suggest just shamelessly flirting with him, let her feel insecure because his ex is hanging around, guys always want what they can't have and if he see's you're flirting and he thinks he could have you, it will be very tempting for him not to think about you, especially cause your the ex. Otherwise, if he has any cute friends, begin flirting shamelessly with them, it will annoy him but its exactly what he did to you, so he can't say anything.

    • Whoops, meant very tempting TO think about you :s

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