Does the No Contact rule actually work on ex-boyfriends?

My ex broke up with me after he thought I was trying to break up with him. I had told him I didn't want to break up and that I just wanted to work through things but he ended it anyway. We worked pretty well together, we were loving, we didn't argue or fight (we would have some tense conversations here and there but we ultimately would make up and continue like normal). The break up was a surprise considering I was supposed to fly to another state with him for his grandmas 80th birthday in the next 2 days and he was supposed to go to my graduation the next week to meet my family.

A few weeks later, he kept trying to contact me. He tried reimbursing my plane tickets (I told him it wasn't necessary), he tried returning my things (he has my address and could have just mailed it), and lastly, wanted to meet me to develop a "lasting friendship." I told him that, unless he intends to be in a relationship with me, to allow me to respect his decision, heal, and move on without him.

So, I can't really tell if he is just trying to keep me as a friend or is trying to get me back. I don't understand where he's coming from asking me to be friends so early post-break up and considering that I made it clear that I don't want to be friends after we break up. He believes in being friends with his exes. When we were in a relationship, he skyped his ex once a month and wanted me to meet her. I told him it was extremely unhealthy.

Does the No Contact rule really work? I'm planning on moving on regardless (bc what else can I do?). A part of me hopes that the No Contact rule will allow my ex to realize he made a mistake but I just don't know how to read the signs.
Does the No Contact rule actually work on ex-boyfriends?
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