Could going to them help. me change things?

I posted a different version of this letter a few days ago, and I changed some things, and I just wanted to make sure it's still good before I send it. I shortened it, but it was still too long for one screenshot. Thank you in advance.

Back story:
I started dating this absolutely amazing girl in 2013. By spring 2014 we were exclusive with each other. We broke up at the end of summer because she was Mormon and I wasn't. Plus her parents didn't like me for that reason alone.
In November 2015 I reached out to her after a dream of her, and after telling me her frustrations about our break up, she said she didn't want me in her life. A few months later, she reached out to me and after a few weeks of talking again, she revealed she decided to go on a mission, and I confessed my love for her. She and I got into a relationship again and even discussed marriage but she said she would accept for real when she returned. She left in December 2016.
Because of her departure and the mission, she broke things off and kept trying to convert me. My Mormon friend said that she's just on a religious high, and things may change when she comes home.
I have sent this letter physically to her home in Texas and she should be home later this month. But I also sent a copy to her Facebook she used on her mission and her Facebook at home. I'm not confident the Facebook one to her mission made it to her, because she doesn't control it, and I'm worried her parents destroyed the letter so she can't read it, and I sent these in early May.
I just discovered, that (as bizarre as it sounds) that Google has tracked me for years, and it show me the addresses where I've been. Where I'm going with this is, her aunt lives near me and I now have her exact address, and her aunt liked me a lot.
What I'm asking, is going to see the aunt or sending the letter to them to forward to my ex a good idea as a last try? They were part of the few that supported our relationship.

Below is the letter
Could going to them help. me change things?
Its a good idea and could work.
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Could going to them help. me change things?
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