Can't stop thinking about my ex. Help?

OK so I stopped talking to my ex a few weeks ago, before that I spoke to him everyday. Then we got in a fight and something changed and I just didn't feel comfortable being in his life anymore.

I thought I was OK. I was out having fun, meeting people, all the things I couldn't do while I was with him. I even started to talk to someone else, and am still talking to that same guy. I was actually wondering why it was so easy not talking to him, but I just tried not to think about it.

Anyways, last week, out of the blue, I get a phone call from him. And stupidly I answered it. He just asked some stuff bout how I was, and it only lasted about 5 minutes. But it broke all the progress I'd made, because now I'm missing him more and more. I keep making excuses to message him, even though I know it makes no difference.

All I want to do is tell him how I feel, but I've opened up for him so many times before only to have it thrown back in my face. I know he doesn't care, and I guess that's what hurts. I just miss him. But I need to forget him, it just seems impossible right now. Help?


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  • Go back to NC. You were doing OK by the sound of it but hearing from him again stirred up all those emotions you were trying to leave behind. By messaging him you are holding onto false hope.

    Don't message him or answer any of his calls. This probably seems impossible but all of a sudden it will just get easier. I'm telling you this as I believe I have just turned a corner. My ex split from me and I was reaching out trying to contact her/msg her about nothing really, I just hoped if she was concious of me being around she would realize she missed me. But feelings are feelings and when they're gone that's it.

    I wallowed and brooded for at least a month and then all of a sudden one day it didn't hurt as bad. I'm not saying I'm fully over her and some days are better than others but something has changed in my heart. I can't explain it I can just feel it. I'm positive this will happen to you. But for me this only seemed to happen when I stopped contact.

    Good luck and believe me it will get better


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  • Delete his number. Delete him from everything. Trust me, I know its hard and its gonna be a hard process. But you're doing this for you. He called because he knew that after you two had spoken, he would be the only thing on your mind. He likes knowing that. Do not try to message him and when he calls, don't answer. You have to start somewhere and somehow.

  • get over it, MOVE ON

    • clearly you've never been in a relationship. but thanks for stating the obvious, I want to know HOW! -_-

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