What will send the clearest message to my ex that I will not do this anymore?

I just found out that my ex boyfriend, who has been trying to get me back, has also been telling another girl he loves her. This is why we broke up! he has begged and begged me to come back, and I was just about to cave when I found this out. So my question is do I confront him, or just not reply to text of call and move on! I really could use the advice! I want to do what will be best for me and also send him a clear message.


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  • I've been through this with my boyfriend for three years. Trust me, just ignore him! If you confront him he is only going to lie more and try to suck you back in. Just stay away and you will be able to move on with your life and find the man you deserve. Don't waste your life on a man who treats you like this. The best message you can send to him is that you want nothing to do with him. Ignore him, please!


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