Getting back with an ex?

In April my boyfriend broke up with me and said he didn't love me anymore. For a few months before that he told me he wasn't sure what he wanted anymore. So I did expect it but it hurt a lot, we'd been together for 8 months.

In June I got with a new guy. We broke up last month. My ex added me on FB today and I think he's leaning towards getting back together, would you say that's a good idea or not? He's fell out of love with me once and totally broke my heart. Could he do it again?


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  • He could do anything to you if you let him. If he is leaning towards getting back with you, hold out for a little bit. Tell him you aren't ready yet. Just cause he comes back into your life and decides that he wants to be with you, doesn't mean you'll go along with it. That's what you have to show him. You guys should try to work up to that and lay down some ground rules. I'm not saying to control him. Just tell him what your expecting this time around.


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