Advise required?

After getting separated with my loving wife... I am thinking what actually girls wanted from a common salaried man in so called happy married life..
We were staying in good city.. For her purchased good out of budget house, car etc.. Maid was there for almost every work. We spent almost 8+ years together.. It seemed till last day that we can't leave each other.. Very rarely we stayed away from each other.. But suddenly I came to know know she was never happy with me... And wanted divorce.. Even After trying to convince her lot for her happiness I gave her a freedom which she wanted but I am still confuse what girl exactly wanted after marriage?
She was not from royal family neither I... but I can say I gave her whatever freedom she wanted and much better life before marriage... There are lots of things to mention but question remains still same.. what girls exactly wanted after marriage...
Advise required?
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