Do you convince yourself to move on when you see your ex happy with someone else?

I still love my ex and probably always will. It gets less painful the less I see/hear about her but I come from a small country and the chances of bumping into her again are high. Just yesterday she was with her new boyfriend at the same place I was, just that I didn't see her, my friend did and pointed it out to me. It scares me that just the thought of her being in the same place can affect me so much though. Its like my feelings just come rushing back but then I think of how happy she is with her new guy and then I think I should just force myself to move on as she may never come back. Have you felt that way?


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  • I think the idea that "we fall in love with one person and only one person" is tripe. I still love in some way or another all my ex'es, probably because they've all been clean, friendly, breaks. My last ex is actually best friends with my current GF, so I see her quite a bit still. I was really happy when she started dating again. It may sound tripe but her being happy makes me happy.

    Your situation sounds a bit different. You sound as though your still very much "in love" with her. Time will lessen that. You can try and convince yourself to 'move on' but it'll probably just make things worse as you think about her.

    If the breakup was amicable (friendly), then try to limit contact and only keep in touch on facebook or whatever Also try and keep your mind busy on other things, be it music or movies or meditation or exercising etc.

    One of the downsides of love I guess, is the heartbreak that follows.


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  • I've felt that way a lot. I think moving on is the best thing for you to keep your time occupied and having fun with someone else. Of course you will always love her, but, soon enough you'll move on and meet someone better. It is always hard to see your ex happy with another person. It is kind of selfish, but I'd rather see them miserable and alone until I've forgotten about them completely.

  • Yes! Yesterday!

    It's hardly been any time and there he is with his new girl that looks like a clone of me! My stomach twisted and I felt awful.'Seeing him happy was horrid.

    I wanted to run and hide. Sucks huh.

    I don't know if it gets better.


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  • You should be moving on no matter what. Go out and find your next "love". You will get over her much quicker and you might even find you two can still be friends as well since you won't care if she is with someone else.


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