Why do girls go back to their exes?

so I dated this girl for a few months and then we went off to separate colleges for the school year, eventually she broke it off because she just wanted to do her, we had real good chemistry and could just chill. Her boyfriend prior to me was with her for like 2 years and he cheated on her, she said she was over him during the summer when we started dating but now she has fallen back in love with him

what is the deal with y'all, he f***ed you over once..is he a changed man? I would never dream of calling her out on it because that would be mean and I respect her but she's being very naive despite being a very mature girl

they are also first loves..so I guess I can understand it somewhat..


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  • why do guys get back with there ex's?

    - I guess it's true you never truly get over your first love, you just try to ignore the feelings you have for them


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