How do you FIX a Broken Heart?

How do you FIX a Broken Heart?

I am introverted GIRL and no boyfriend yet. someone saw my travel blog online and kept messaging me. But then, I stop using it and so his message becomes unnoticed until he stalk and added me on my Facebook. He was very happy that finally we communicated.

On our first date , He was on an island vacation and just went home to see me. We went together in a movie house. He keeps looking at me and saying you are really beautiful. He kissed me with his gentle lips. He touched my body but I let him stop because I am not yet ready to lose my v-card. On the second date , we had a formal dating on a restaurant. We simply talk and then drop me to work. On the third date , we had dinner together during my office break. On the fourth date , he visits me again in the office. He was waiting outside and even had some leg cramps and injury. I felt guilty and let him wait to a near hotel instead.

I cannot calm and visit him immediately in hotel. He kissed and hugged me tightly and something happened. I feel a high heat on his body when we get naked skin to skin. He wants to put his dick but my hole is too small I'm virgin and let him stop again. The next morning , he confessed that he cannot lie anymore that he has a girlfriend and they did not have closure. He was afraid what he felt for me is just an infatuation I got mad and had my silent treatment for three days. He asked , if we could meet in person to ask an apology. When we finally meet, He said he wants to be in my life. He just want to seek break up and closure with his girlfriend and he would chase after me and give the love that I deserved.

the next morning thought text, he acts weird. He did not accept yet my friend request again. We quarrel over silly things and said to move on and we are not compatible!

Would he still come back to me? What shall I do? I am confused of his intentions?
1 y
He said to move on** (error)
How do you FIX a Broken Heart?
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