He told me that I can walk home, should I even still date him?

Me and my ex dated almost 4 years and we are on and off. Lately I've been thinking to cut off our relationship for good but I feel i will get that regret later on in life and see what i had missed out on. But recently he actually has been trying to put effort on me after him continuously going out with friends and getting really drunk. We used to live in the same city but now i live 25 minutes far from where he lives. he will always make excuses for not seeing me because the drive or time but he has times for his friends.

till recently he came to my town, late at night to see me and we go to the beach to talk. i was getting tired and so was he and he decided to try to sleep for 10 minutes. i didn't want him to do that or he will sleep on the road too. so i told him to take me home so he can go home too. he said to shut up and let him sleep and i told him i will walk home. he said the door is right there, you go right ahead. i was upset and got out of the car and grabbed my things. he tells me to get back in the car but i kept walking. he didn't start his car or chase me until i was half way home. he didn't even get close to me to pull over to tell me to get in the car at the stoplight. he just did a u turn and went straight to the freeway. i finally get home 10 minutes later and no calls or text messages from him.

should i just end our relationship, or stop being dramatic and make things right?
He told me that I can walk home, should I even still date him?
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