Cheat - to tell or not?

I'll try to keep this short lol.

A guy friend of mine has a girlfriend, but the other night had a conversation with me that tbh, he shouldn't have.

The conversation consisted of him trying to get me to take my bra off (we were on MSN on webcam), I said what about your gf? & his reply was, its kinda bad I doubt id really care.

He also asked for my postcode so he could search a quick route to mine & this was at 2 in the morning.

He did this last year as well with his previous girlfriend, but I never told her because when it happened with a different guy before, his girlfriend blamed me, even though I constantly told the guy no.

This time I saved the conversation & some people think I should show his girlfriend, what do you guys think?


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  • You're to blame to. Instead of telling him no, you did it. He's an asshole, that's for sure, and yes he's cheating. Should you show the girlfriend? That's up to you, but you should apologize to her to, since you were involved.

    • i did tell him no

      maybe I didn't make that clear enough, but I never did anything he asked

    • Oh okay, so you never showed him your breast? Then yeah... I think you should tell her. Would you want some other girl to tell you? Think about that.

    • loll nahh I would never help someone cheat

      & yeh, id wanna know

      i just hope I don't get blamed again (Y)

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  • if you care about her, show her


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  • Ok. If i was that girl i would want to know. That said is she your friend or is he? If he is the friend then you kind of have to be loyal to him and not tell.
    Dont do anything. Clearly tell him what he is trying to do is wrong and you would never ever help him cheat.
    If he goes to other girls for cheating its not your relationship. You can tell him not to tell you. But if he is the friend
    For now just dont tell. I dont get how he forgave you for telling before anyway? Was he not mad?


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