My second breakup is that the end?

Just wanted to talk about it to get it out of my mind.
My girlfriend went distant and ended with breaking up. she actually blocked my messages on messenger. i then talked to her on whatsapp and asked her what's going on. she didn't reply only seen. i told her i'm sorry if i made her upset by anyway and asked what's going on. after a lot of messages she said we are still too young and she feels our relation is wrong and messages later she said i have changed which from my point of view i didn't i still treat her the same i used to treat her years ago and love her deeply. we actually had the same fight last year and that's how we ended breaking up first time at the same time last year so it was kindda expected and then we went NCR for i think 4 months or more when she reached out to me and wanted to reconsile at that time i still didn't move on and accepted to be back with her. Now i feel like i have shutterted my ego for accepting to be back with her first time so i told her she doesn't have to block me anymore and i will forget her and move on and blocked her , but i miss her and deep inside i have hope i'd be back with her again which i hate and i wish i can just undo my love for her. she is my first love and i'm so attached to her but i don't want this feeling anymore why cannot i hate her and why do you woman act like that and should i have hope after that or should i be the one reaching out to her cz i ended up blocking her the last?
P. S we are actually college students 20 yr old have been with her 2 years and half.
My second breakup is that the end?
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