Ex keeps messaging me, but when I respond he seems uninterested?

So I briefly dated this guy but I realised there’s something up with him and he was disrespectful so I left. We finished on Monday, he tried calling me a couple of times but that was it. On Instagram you can send messages and then unsend them, so the person will get the notification but when they click on the message it’s no longer there. Every now and then each day he was sending me messages or just heart emojis, and I would click on the message and it’s gone.

I ignored and finally answered and he fully denied it, told me I’m making it up even though I had screenshots, that he wants to be left alone and fully played the victim even though straight after I stopped responding he started sending and deleting them again at least five times. He kept doing it today so I messaged him, gave him the opportunity to talk to me, and he wasn’t interested at all he just kept saying ok.

He used to also call 15 times a day and text over 50 times in a row if I ignored him, never took no for an answer he would repeat the question until I felt defeated and just agreed to him. But this is just weird. He told me if I block him from everything he will make new accounts and numbers because if he feels like somebody should be in his life he will make sure they are.

But why is he sending and unsending messages then denying it? Then not being interested when he gets a response?
Ex keeps messaging me, but when I respond he seems uninterested?
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