What are his intentions?

I’m really confused, what does my ex want? Like is he just using me or does he miss me? I don't know because he’s abit shy when he comes to try tell someone about how he feels. But basically I’ll tell you what happened and pls help with advice on what you think.

On Friday we went to this house to babysit and it’s his friends house, I made snaps that we were there and his friends and he saw them, then he came randomly to the house with his other friend. Then he left for awhile but came back, then I went on a side by side with another older boy and then I got back. I went into his friends room and didn’t see him and I saw him in the other room alone where we cuddled before! But he was playing a game and I was tempted to go talk to him but I was afraid, when my friends got back from the side by side, he went into his friends room and went on snap, we had a convo and he asked me what he should get for his birthday. Which was weird like he cared about my opinion. Then he texted his cousin whose my best friend and told her to tell me to go in the room alone, I did and then we ended up cuddling, and kissing then Ofcourse we slept together. But it was awkward like I only said his name and he said what then we just went quiet and that’s when things escalated. But then after we were done, he cuddled me for awhile and kissed me before he left the room, and he only ever did that when we dated, he would kiss me goodbye before he left which got me fucked up. And I don’t want to ask him about it because he’s the type to lie about his feelings... so I’m really confused, does he miss me or does he just want sex?

What are his intentions?
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