Winning back your ex?

OK guys I know people are going to tell me it's not a good idea and I maybe setting myself up for more heartache but I want her back and know I can't feel any worse for trying so I need advice on the best method.

We split because of the distance. She lives 4 hours away. I think in part it was due to the lack of communication as when we met up the attraction was still as strong as ever.

I've tried to get over her but I still love her and I know she still has feelings for me (she told this me the day we split). I believe the LDR split us and I know I would try much harder if I had another shot.

She has started seeing someone else. I know the guy and I think it's a rebound (he asked her out before I was around and she told him they are only friends). But I can't sit back and let a guy (she doesn't feel as strongly about) steal her

My question is what is the best way to win her back. We haven't spoken in a week. Should I leave it longer before I contact her?

And when I do contact her should it be as friends or should I just flat out tell her I want her back?


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  • I am going through the same thing with my ex boyfriend. He got with someone 2 weeks after our split. I'm sure it's a rebound and the thought of them kissing others etc is a real blow isn't it? I also want to win him back. He tries to deny it but we have a spark.

    My answer: don't contact her yet. Let her miss you, OK. Let her think about you. I know this is hard, I'm bloody suffering myself! Let her see that this guy is not you. Sure, at first shell be as high as a kite, ignoring feelings for you and being into him. What a perfect distraction!

    Get on with your life. Don't look needy and dependent. Have some fun and yeah I know it's hard but seriously, have fun.

    Oh, don't talk sh*t about her new guy either.'you'll come off as jealous and insecure. Don't mention him but if she does, be kind! Handle with grace!

    After around 4 weeks - if she's not done it first - contact her. Be friendly ok! Ask her how she's going and what she's been up to. Make sure you have a lot of things to tell her about what you've been up to. It may be brief but you've made contact. Keep up a friendship and ask if she wants to meet up for a FRIENDLY catch up. Remind her what she liked about you.

    Good luck.

    I know it hurts, especially then whole rebound thing x

    • I am trying believe me! I've even had another girl express an interest in me. I haven't done anything about it as my heart is still with her. I don't know whether to date this girl to take my mind off her but then again I don't want to hurt this new girl as clearly she would be my rebound! Any tips?

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    • Yeah it hurts pretty bad right now. She is the first thing I think of when I wake up which pretty much puts me a sad mood for the day. I've forgotten how it feels to be normal which is horrible


      This is why I'm willing to try to win her back. Although a part of me thinks I shouldn't as I want to stop feeling like this as quickly as I can and am aware I could be prolonging the heartbreak. But I think it will be worse in the long run if I don't and am left with a 'what if'

    • I completely understand. No body else understands me either. I'm just trying to get him back otherwise what if. It's hard to stick to the plan, to not beg, to not always call or text.

      You have to hope that this rebound will only be that. Sometimes people are too stubborn to accept it's a rebound.

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  • I know if she has feelings for you and she misses you she'll be happy to hear from you either way. I say you wait until you know their either broken up or fighting and just contact her and flat out tell her you want her back. Its more spontaneous and it will surprise her. But in the end even if she turns you down, at least you tried right? If you get her back, great!

    But you only live once.


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  • I think if you want her that bad, you should definitely go after her. The problem is that she has a boyfriend and you'll have to use some psychological tactics.. I was in a similar situation and almost won back my ex but I messed up with this good game plan that I got from here ==> link


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