How can I get my ex boyfriend back from his rebound?

He broke up with me. We were very much in love but argued all of the time. Very shortly after, he was with another girl, slightly similar in appearance but opposite in personality. I though about it all and I think, despite him denying it, that he still loves. He called me recently and broke down and cried. If you're over someone, you've no tears left for them. When I broke up with my ex, I had been out of the relationship for a while in my head and I didn't cry. I was over him. So, the fact that he broke down is evidence to me. He also stayed on the phone for an hour. He can barely look at me. I have a feeling she's a rebound.

I still love him so much :/ it hurts.

If it came to it, should I get back with him? Should I try and weasel my way in?

If I believed he genuinely loved this girl, I'd stay away but I don't.

Help please? How can I get back in strategically? Thanks x

Also, he's only known her for a about four weeks.


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  • maybe he is still in love with you, but he wants to get over you... if you want him back you got to make him secure again.

    • How do I make him feel secure again?

      Thanks by the way x

    • try talk to him, though you shouldnt, force him to open up to you as that will make him clamp up even more. Be patient and try to get him to be comfortable talking to you.

      show him that you trust him, and that you you care abt him,

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  • Yea, It sounds like he's on a rebound which is actually easier for you...rebounds won't last long and he'll soon realize that he''s missing you bad. But you need kind of a game plan to win him back..this girl can give you a good one..==> link

    • Thank you :D

      I definitely need a plan so I'll check it out :)

      I'll tell you how it goes.

      He even told me he doesn't find this girl attractive and that she's s bad kisser!? What the hell. Haha x

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  • Its called a breakup because its broken and you super glue the pieces together all you want but your relationship with him has and always will be broken.


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