He hasn't contacted me in 3 days, what do I do?

Well the other day my ex and I were on the phone we were talking about another couple and all of a sudden he starts talking about lost chemistry,and how his heart is not in the same place it was before and then he started talking about the situation with the other guy lying about messing with me(Clearly I knew he wasn't over that even though he said he was). So he told me we shouldn't be having this convo because he doesn't know the answer yet talking bout he doesn't want to hurt my feelings but he wasn't besides I was the one asking the questions I told him (I think you want to venture out and see other females) he tells me its not about another female (RITE) so anyway the next day I texted him and I broke up with him he processed to try and put it on me like " I didn't want to break up with you but its your decide and I will always love you 4 ever" So I asked what do you really want he tells me I will stick with the decide so then I texted well lets still be friends and don't be a stranger he says okay then I asked well do you want to be friends with benefits and after a whole hour he says (benefits) right now its been 3 days no call no text no nothing what's the problem and keep it 100

Oh yeah and should I text him or is that a no no


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  • he doesn't want to be around you right now. he's over it


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