Do I stay in the relationship or end it?

I am 17 and have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years. He is in my grade and we have a great relationship. but sometimes it is rocky. We started dating my sophomore year and had such a great time together. then summer rolls around and I go away the whole summer. he ended up hooking up with some girl and I found out from a friend.. we got back together without me knowing about it so when I found out I was hurt and didn't even say anything. so then the year goes by and its great but the next summer we broke up for the summer .. we thought it would be best since I was going away and he was too and we really wouldn't have a chnace to see each other and we decided to stay in touch since we both still had feelings for eeachother we knew those feelings wouldn't go away right away. we talked once a weeek and he hooked up with someone I hooked up with a boy they were both meaningless hookups.. we got back together in the fall and have had a great time.. a little bit ago he suggested breaking up I didn't get that. anyway we ended up waiting to see if it got better and now it is better than its been in a while. I'm so happy

i get butterflies when I see him now and I don't get how it can change so easily like this. he has done a lot of sh*t to me and I don't think I deserve it but then I love the guy he is and everything he does for me. some of my friends understand him and other friends think its time for a change for me. I don't know what to do. I am so happy with him and every time we talk about breaking up I get really sad and I can't picture liife without him. help!


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  • I get how you feel sweetie. I have been there before too when I was in high school. Honestly, it sounds shady to break up every summer. I don't want to say that your relationship is not serious and I understand that you love the guy but a strong/good relationship should be able to last over a summer regardless if you both are going to be apart. And you both had "meaningless" hook ups too. You guys are so young to be on and off again. There is a reason that maybe you don't want to face of why you guys play that game every year. I think you really need to take a step back and think about your relationship. Are you both planning on going to college? If so, different ones? You don't want to be like okay lets break up for the fall, get back together over winter break, break up for spring and date again in the summer. It sounds messed up and honestly, college is a great experience and some advice to think about is to go into your first year of college single! My girls and I did the whole long distance dating thing and none of us are still with that boy from high school. We are all engaged/married to different men. I really hope it works out for you guys but do take some time to step back and think about how serious you are in this relationship and then evaluate how serious he really is. If he is proposing a break up then I would kick him to the curb. You don't need to games like that in your life. Good luck!

  • Honey, if you are posing the question up on the website to get that kind of a decision advice from people you don't know...I think that's a pretty good sign you already know what the answer is to this question, you just want some support for your decision :). You can't help who you love, but love by itself does not a good relationship make. Be brutally honest with yourself - the answer to whether you want to end the relationship or not is in your own heart.


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