Is it over or is there hope?

I started talkin to this guy...about you could think about...we had a lot in common and I mean alot...we talked about our past relationships...and we agreed on alot...We became really close really quick...and I did the whole giving his space...because I was deteremind to change his mind about women. He thought all of them were crazy or pysco...well we hit it off...but he was wanting to take things slow and not rush it...and he wasn't ready for something to serious...a week later he said he wants to be single...its jst better that way rite now because he wasn't ready for something serious...and he needed to focus on his five mnth old son...that his crazy ex took away...I asked him if he was ready would he date me...he said it mite be years before I'm ready...but if I was I'd date you!we still talk do I get him to change his mind...we have so much in common and we both were hapy do I not end up lossin him all together...please help ...what can I do to make him see we are good together...and make him change his mind...


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  • You've done all you can. Keep talking to him but pressuring him will only confirm his psycho women theory.

    Alternatively you could find a guy you don't have to borderline beg to date.


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