Why is my ex liking all of my posts?

We ended a week ago, I ended it because he was disrespectful. Since then he’s liked every single thing I’ve posted on Facebook within hours, if I post a story he views it too. I had him on Instagram and I had to block him because about five times a day he would send a message that just contained a heart and nothing else, then delete it. But I would still get the notifications.

I confronted him about it but at first he denied doing it, then carried on for a few more days, and then the second time I confronted him he just kept answering with ‘ok’ ‘sorry’ and nothing else, so I blocked to prevent the messages.

It’s not bothering me that he’s liking all of my posts I’m just really confused why he’s doing it and not contacting me?
Why is my ex liking all of my posts?
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