I have a boyfriend but I'm in love with my ex?

My current boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months. It's annoying though, honestly, because I'm completely crazy in love with my ex. The only reason my ex and I split was because we live on the other side of the States...

- We met at American Idol last season (reason why our homes are so far away), but we're both crazy about each other. We didn't really "break up", we kind of just let it fade because our relationship was so complicated (not us being complicated; the distance being complicated).

I know most of you think, "make some money and go see him, etc" but it's not that easy. I'm always touring, and so is he. We both graduated as Musical Theatre majors, and we tour the world with shows all the time (he's a drummer, I'm a singer/dancer/actor).

Every time I come home, I have my current boyfriend here. So it's not that hard. I honestly just wish my boyfriend was my ex... I miss him so much, and he misses me; it's just the whole timing/distance/touring issue!

What do I do?

(Please make your answers helpful, not questions about American Idol. Thanks).


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  • How was the American Idol auditions!?!?!?


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  • Drop your current guy, and stop messing him around, you're just being a selfish b1tch who's using him quite frankly while your heart is still with your ex. And you're obviously still talking to your ex behind your current guy's back, you're a bad 'un.

    • It's not behind his back, I've talked to my boyfriend about it because I can't hide anything from him... I've never cheated on him or anything like that, and quite frankly I'm surprise HE didn't break up with me. He loves me, I can tell, it's just not mutual :/

  • Bummer, it'll work eventually?


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