How do I get him back?

i know this is really long, and I apologize but I really really need some help! basically, about a year ago I met this guy and instantly fell for him, and we became best friends and he was there for me all the time and perfect but we didn't go out or tell each other because we were really worried about ruining our friendship so we just left it and ignored it and went out with other people until my ex's party when everyone was very very drunk and I went to check if he was okay and we ended up kissing, but about 20 minutes in he said another girl's name so I was like... okay, and we agreed never to mention it again and I left; then, about a hour later, this guy was chatting me up, and I was drunk so didn't say no but I really wasn't interested, and he comes up and says he loves me and it wasn't a mistake and he was scared so said someone elses name. I was shocked and still very drunk so we all went back to the camp and we ended up kissing in the tent again and my best friend was next to me and she just whispered in my ear that I was too drunk and I would regret it. so I got up and out of the tent to find the boy who was flirting with me was there like hi and kissed me, so I got dragged back to his tent and stayed there. the next morning I regretted it all, I spoke to him and he said he had loved me all along but couldn't go out with me now and I got really upset. then I stayed single for months and we argued a bit and things but we just left it until be became really close again and flirty and everything so once again ended up kissing at a party. this time he didn't say another girls name and we went out for 4 months nearly. until halloween at a party, I had been having family troubles and let it effect me and got very drunk and other things, lots of events happened and we fought and everything that night and then I got really upset and this other boy was conforting me and he kissed me too and my boyfriend was in the room. of course he dumped me and it broke my heart because I would have done anything for that night not to have happened because we were totally perfect for each other. so lately we've been fighting and messing with each others emotions, and he told his ex girlfriend a lot of personal things about me and she had a go at me and everything and it was just after we had started to calm down and get on again and I confronted him about it and he said he saw a side of me he didn't like when I was mad at him and that it was sad because he was going to ask me out again. now we've apologised and said we were friends but he won't talk to me and its horrible because all these things are making it worse and yes its my fault I let someone else kiss me but is there anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, I can do or text him which will make him see we're meant to be together because I really love him?


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  • Nope, once the trust is broken it'll never come back. But to add insult to injury you humiliated him in front of people on top of the lack of trust. Learn from this situation though for the next relationship you get in with someone you care about. Besides you seem to like male attention so just keep doing that for a while, I assume your still young. People say alcohol as an excuse for when they cheat and do stupid sh*t but its really not. There was a reason you did all that. So tough luck, on to the next one for you.

  • It sounds like he does like you, but how often do you see him? This girl here can give you a good game plan to winning him back... it worked for me..good luck ==> link


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