Why can't married men stay honest?

My husband and I used to be inseparable, like bestfriends. We could say anything. Now everything has turned upside down and can't trust anything he says. It was always like he said it, you had his word! I could ask him to example fix the leak in the bathroom and he'd do it. Now he won't do anything he says. I've always been open and honest with him as well. So, after much headache as it is, I found out he's been cheating on me and he has in the past but I thought we had fixed it all. However it's one time deals but now he's paying them. I found this out through a text he got and he happened to leave his phone with me. I also grew up with dishonest parents, and hard breakups, so it's hard for me to trust people in the first place. He's the only person I ever trusted and now it's broken and so is my heart. I don't know what to do since we have several kids together.
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I would like to mention I'm referring to the men who start out honest then change to dishonest. I'm in NO way saying all men. Just wondering why it happens.
Why can't married men stay honest?
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