Assault charges?

Me and my now ex boyfriend got into a really nasty fight that became violent, he slapped me, choked me, hit my stomach while I'm pregnant with his son, and he calls me a lot of mean and brutal names. This was his 3rd or 4th time assaulting me but I didn't take no actions before because if I tried to leave, he would hurt me again if he catches me.
So I report the incident to the cops, he got booked in jail overnight and went to his mother's house afterwards. He has charges pressed against him but his mother didn't tell me how much.
His mom runs a daycare business inside her own house. Since my ex moved back there, he either has to move somewhere else or do something so his mom won't lose her business. I care so much for his mom and for my ex a lot and I don't want her to go through this mess, so is there any kind of way I can drop charges?
Assault charges?
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